Similar to Google’s 20% time, each of us at Strategy Studio is required to take four hours a week to develop and work on a project that addresses a particular interest that can both have a positive impact on the individual and the firm. These projects can take any form. A project may advance the firm in a thought-leadership capacity, initiate a new product or service, or, on a productivity level, improve what we do and how we do what we do. At the heart of 10% time is an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual professional and as a firm.

The staff is encouraged to identify personal or professional interests and explore the tie-ins or overlaps with goals of Strategy Studio as we become a truly 21st Century professional creative firm.

So far, our efforts have garnered two books: “Three Decades of Making Your Mark,” a compendium of trademarks and logotypes developed by Edward Walter and the firm over the last thirty years; and a book about intranets, “Why Intranets Get Stuck,” written in collaboration with two longtime colleagues, Tracy Beverly and Susan O’Neil.

One of our current ‘side projects’ is the Curiosity Project, an interactive timeline concept that tracks an historical event visually on a map of the respective region. Our initial effort tracks the Middle East conflict starting from the time of Moses. Also in progress is a chronicle of the history of women as an economic force in society.

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