I have taught at Parsons The New School for Design for over twenty years now. From time to time I like to share the work that my students have done for me in class. Here I have gathered a collection of my favorite posters from my Fall 2013 Process and Skills class.

To provide a little context for what you are about to see, I have added the introduction to the project directly from the assignment sheet.

“Human Rights, Human Wrongs” is a poster assignment that allows the student to chose and interpret a social issue of interest to him or her. The student will voice their opinion on the chosen topic by creating a visual, conceptual statement using the juxtaposition of type and image.

The poster is directed at the general public and its aim is to create awareness for the issue and invite the viewer to question or reconsider his or her point of view on the topic. To achieve this, the student uses the medium to his or her advantage. The poster is a medium whose intent is to grab the attention and draw the viewer in. It can be a powerful medium when designed and executed successfully.

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.

Dolin_A Poster
Alison Dolin
Holton-Hinshaw_ T Poster
Tamar Holton-Hinshaw
Nguyen_T Poster
Tin Nguyen
Shin_J Poster_Fingers
Joo Eun Shin
Shin_J Poster_Shooting
Joo Eun Shin
Shin_J Poster_Torture
Joo Eun Shin
Douglas Tran
Matthew Wolff
Urara Ito

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