Why so dramatic, you ask? Keep reading and you’ll find out! Also, why so late to the party? It’s not that we’re a bunch of old farts… although, I fall into that group nowadays.

Let’s get this out of the way; I’m not a sharer. Actually, I’m quite reluctant to share—especially when it comes to Popeyes fried chicken, my feelings, or anything via social media—but, folks at the office felt that we should “share” more… to help promote express ourselves. Brand and design-related links; we do Retweet those from time to time, but you wouldn’t really like us more for posting the same content (but now as photos and videos), would you? So, with great trepidation and Ed holding a metaphorical gun to my oversized Korean head to get this up and running, I give you… our semi-old fart Instagram.

Here’s a direct feed in case you’re also an old fart, like me.

Sharing is caring :)