Newark Land Bank:

Can a Brand Help Level the
Playing Field?


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Favorite Detail:

We love the juxtaposition of the tree limbs with the simplified Doric column. In our view, that’s when identity design works best when it inspires the viewer to look, think and remember the image and the organization it represents.


The Newark Land Bank is the first of its kind in the State of New Jersey. The Land Bank strategically acquires, maintains, and repurposes vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties, and efficiently returns them to productive use, providing a remarkable service to the City of Newark.


At the heart of its mission is the sense of fostering, nurturing, and repairing a community that has struggled to persevere in the face of urban decay that has befallen so many cities in the U.S. It’s that support of the residents of Newark that is at the heart of the Land Bank's new brand identity. In its own way, the brand program can help the Land Bank in its efforts to level the economic playing field in the City of Newark. 


The idea was to create a symbol that combined this sense of community with an emblem of stability and strength. A tree was chosen with branches spreading out to indicate a growing community, anchored by a column representing institutional and financial strength.


That symbol evolved further into a seal, creating a graphical device that is both familiar and functional. Familiar in that the logo suggests a contemporary approach to a nostalgic form of branding. Functional in that it provides a mechanism for containing the organizational name, the state, the parent organization, and a qualifying descriptor. Also, the complete seal can be taken be disassembled for a variety of uses without diminishing its visual recognition.