Future Forecast Videos, IRI (Industrial Research Institute)

The Future of R&D We collaborated with AndSpace Consulting to develop four scenarios as digital animations chronicling the culmination of a three-year study on the future of R&D. The videos were shown at IRI’s annual meeting to great fanfare.
digital animation
Industrial Research Institute
Story Development
Script Development
Art Direction
Digital Animation
Video Production
Strategic Partner(s):
PepsiCo R&D,
AndSpace Consulting

Rise of the Mega-Cities
Cities become major political forces due to their embrace of smart technologies to manage transportation, energy, and waste. The embrace of giant public/private partnerships to grab natural resources hastens cities’ evolution into City States. Technology and connectivity make distance irrelevant at last.

Three Roads to Innovation
In an era of virtual work and prize-driven motivation, society creates new paths to innovation. Companies must find ways to expand creativity while reducing risk. With the entire workforce now freelance, many corporations adopt a model similar to Hollywood movie studios, where a small production team manages a large pool of freelance talent.

Africa Leapfrogs Developed Markets
With less of an installed asset base and the ability to better leverage its natural resources, Africa jumps ahead of the developed world in growth and economic dynamism. New flexible and localized manufacturing processes churn out the highly customized products consumers demand at an ever-faster pace.

Everything’s Beta
The collapse of the complex global manufacturing ecosystem leads to a bifurcated economy underpinned by local manufacturing. Low-end products are introduced as beta versions with little market research. R&D resources are deployed toward tackling the big challenges of the 21st century – energy, sea level rise, carbon dioxide levels, and affordable health care.