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VF Corporation

Communicating the Importance ​

of the Necessary 


Communication Design

Image Development



An American worldwide apparel and footwear company, VF Corporation has a strong brand culture with a diverse portfolio of iconic outdoor, active lifestyle, and workwear brands. Internally, that culture permeates through all its communication to employees.


It is difficult to engage employees in a business environment that is so saturated and overwhelmed with messaging. The challenge is to find a way to make it easy to identify what’s worth taking notice of. 


We concentrated developing visual approaches that are both fresh and stay within the brand guidelines of the corporation. With just a strong lifestyle brand, photography is an obvious direction. However, instead we often bring a more graphic and illustrative approach to the problem.

“We have to solve Internal comms problems often around employee engagement. That’s where Strategy Studio comes in. They have been an effective partner in helping us develop and use strong visuals to get attention and deliver a message."

Melissa Draper, Senior Director, HR Communications, Corporate Affairs & Communications, VF Corporation

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