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Brand Development

Brand Identity

Image Development

Package Design

“From the start, Strategy Studio  

  has made BrewFirst look and feel  

  like a real company, even when  

  we may not have been.”

   Darryl Cohen, CEO, BrewFirst   


BrewFirst is a startup looking to disrupt the craft beer sector with an innovative approach to brewing all manners of beer. Our history with CEO, Darryl Cohen, goes back some 15 years and through a number of successful startups and exits. With BrewFirst, Darryl needed to create a presence for the company to draw in investors, collaborators and customers.


Strategy Studio decided to create a character to represent the startup, a brewmaster we call Drew. And Drew does it all, brews and serves, as displayed when combined with the
word mark. This direction was chosen for its friendliness and familiarity. It’s a character all audiences can embrace.

Business Model: 

The BrewFirst business is being built on a consumable supply model. The innovation comes in the form of a simple brewing system that requires a very low cost equipment outlay, but constant ingredient supplies to make beer. The audience is both commercial providers – bars, restaurants and resorts – as well as producing and white labeling product for discerning clientele. Ultimately offering the system to the large home brewers market.


Building a memorable brand all the while keeping the big picture in mind can be a challenge. Especially when market conditions, as well as product and processes, evolve with the changing business climate. In BrewFirst's case, the model evolved to included sub-branded products as well as white-labeled customer packaging.

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