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Navigating Complexity


Brand Identity

Web Design and Development



With a long tenure in developing strategic healthcare solutions for one of the big Pharmas, Gene Gosselin is taking his expertise on the road to help unravel and lead the way through the maze known as healthcare. Gene has created CareGuides, a boutique healthcare consulting firm helping organizations of all sizes understand and navigate the complex world of healthcare benefits.


Communicating a value proposition in the complex sector such as healthcare in a way that is not “me too.” 


Strategy Studio suggested that in order to stand out and make a strong statement CareGuides needed to stay away from the typical world of stock photography that grace the communications of so many organizations in the sector. By combining common visual cues, a chaotic composition of arrows, a staircase and an all seeing oracle, we created a custom graphic that tells the story in one image. 


“Strategy Studio’s ability to understand what I do and communicate it so clearly has proven invaluable to me and my business.”

Gene Gosselin, President, CareGuides

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