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Christ Church Summit:

Capturing Vitality


Poster Design

Brand identity



As with all successful endeavors, participation equals success. Therefore, getting people in the seats is critically important. So promoting the events becomes our challenge. 


While the available media remains the same, we worked in creating captivating images that enticed participation. Our approach generally took an illustrative approach allowing us to craft an image that was often both relevant and unexpected.


Christ Church is a progressive community of faith located in Summit, New Jersey. A high level of engagement around the congregation has been motivated by an incredible collection of events. Everything from concerts, cabaret shows of all stripes, chili cook-off fundraisers to workshops and lectures on all manner of topics.

"Ed has the rare creative capacity to translate our themes into images that personify our message. He makes us look better. He manages to express what we were trying to say so that the medium becomes the message – to quote Marshall McCluhan – Not just easier, but fuller, richer, and more expressive. It is really a gift."

Chuck Rush, Senior Minister, Christ Church Summit

single bluegrass poster new.png
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