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Fanchise League Company:

The Democratization of Branding


Brand Identity

Visual Brand Development

Product Development


This truly unique startup is out to disrupt everything we know about sports, and in the process to challenge the very principles of branding. The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles (SLSE) is a completely fan-run football franchise. Playing in the IFL, a professional indoor football league, the Screaming Eagles fandom picked the coach, the players and even call plays in real time. 


When it came to developing the team logo, colors, uniform and everything else, the fans contributed their ideas and ultimately voted on exactly how they wanted the visual brand to appear presenting quite a democratic take on developing a brand.


Rather than just a beautifully rendered version of an eagle, our approach was to layer more meaning to the logo. We selected two concepts and combined them. In this case, the eagle and an American flag culminating the SLSE symbol. Once we won the competition, we went on to develop a design program that started with a custom typeface, developed from the logotype, for uniforms, merchandise and everything Screaming Eagles.


Of course the SLSE founders had every intention on delivering a professional sports brand to the fans and the public. Strategy Studio was invited to submit logo ideas in a national design competition to establish the identity of the Screaming Eagles. There in lies the challenge. Winning a design competition without parameters and only a single point of entry. Presenting your idea and its context was not an option. 

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