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Hydraulic Institute:

Timing is Everything


Brand development

Brand Identity

Event Design


Communication Design


Hydraulic Institute is the leading trade association for the pump industry. With their 100 year anniversary coming up, the new executive director needed to make some changes. The organization was stagnate and the board wanted to raise the profile, not only of the organization but the entire industry. And the centennial was as good a time as any.


The brand challenge was two-fold. First was to update a tired and difficult to use visual identity. Second, create a collection of materials to celebrate the centennial and further communicate the importance of pumps to the world. 


Strategy Studio began by developing brand and communication platforms. We created a strong visual identity and designed a flexible, comprehensive system that would extend the brand language across a number of functions and product lines. We then set to develop a central image to build the centennial around. To cap off the centennial event, we produced an animated video to highlight modern life and its dependence on pumps and pump technology.


“Strategy Studio has been a key part of helping me raise the image of the organization to the next level”


Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute

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