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Invest Newark is an economic development non-profit operating in Newark NJ. Its mission is to advance economic prosperity for all Newarkers through supporting business growth and developing real estate among other initiatives. Each year it produces an annual report to provide a review of its accomplishments for its board, partners, investors, and the Newark community that it serves.


The concept of the report centers around the strengthening of the Newark community brought about by the work of Invest Newark. The theme is titled "Profiles in Community" and showcases portraits of entrepreneurs, business leaders, partners, and residents of the city. This portrait is of a family of first-time homeowners who just moved into a newly renovated home. Creating these opportunities for families is a large part of the work that Invest Newark is doing to level the financial playing field for all citizens of the city.⁠


We recommended illustrating each group in a different style to reflect the breadth and diversity of the city and the community that is driving it forward.

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