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Making its Mark on Security


Brand Development 

Brand Identity

Web Design and Development 

Package Design 


As with most startups, our approach is two-fold. We want to create a visual identity that is unique and differentiated while conveying familiarity and credibility. To achieve this we designed a simple modern wordmark and crafted a “v" monogram from the typography to create the symbol. 

Favorite Detail: 

Orange! Definitely a brand color that has long come into its own, it still holds as a bold, cheery color that remains memorable.



Vestadot is a U.S.-based startup who has licensed and is marketing the newest in micro-particle security technology. The product is designed to easily mark property and valuables and have them entered into an international database for tracking in case of theft. This is a completely new approach to anti-theft technology, requiring a strong effort to build and seed the market.

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